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Qui peut vous faire découvrir l’Afrique de l’Ouest mieux que ceux qui y vivent


Walk in Dogon Country 4x4

Tuareg Country- Dogon Country - Niger River

From Mali to Burkina Faso secret

Culture Discovery

west Africa

  Land and rivers of  Mali and Sénégal

Range ‘Adventure’

8 days

Range ‘Comfort’

10 days

Range ‘adventure’

12 days

Range ‘Médian’

15 days

Range ‘Comfort’

18 days

On the trails of adventure to discover the mysteries of Dogon country, closer to the men:

cosmogony of the box palaver, dance masks to Hogon.

The most beautiful villages of the cliff, and also the most secretive, intense landscapes as a memento of Mali!

Teriyabougou, symbol of solidarity tourism, the famous mosque of Djenné and the majestic Mount Hombori.

Excursion in search of elephants, the dunes.

 Timbuktu, camel ride, the desert, the river and the Dogon villages Pinasse

A stay rich!

Bandiagara and its famous cliff, Djenne, Mopti, Segou

 and will then travel to the regions of Sikasso, totally ignored tourism, and the beautiful villages, then to the Lobi of Burkina Faso: waterfalls, landscapes and villages.

Many Original surprises

Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, is a great and beautiful journey from the Atlantic Coast, Lome, Cotonou and lagoons, to the Inner Niger Delta in Mali.

Not to mention the scenery of termite mounds, lakes and waterfalls of Burkina.

Dugout, 4x4, pinnace to get around.

In Mali, the crops are Bambara, Tuareg, Dogon who are in the spotlight, the river and the desert. 4x4, Pinasse and domestic flights.

Discovery of Kayes, and the Senegal River. Islands, mangrove delta of Saloum, visiting coach of St. Louis, Goree Island, Lake Rose ...

An unforgettable trip!

Arrival :  Mopti

Departure : Mopti

Accommodation in camping

Arrival :  Bamako

Departure : Bamako

Accommodation in hotel, house and camp

Arrival :  Bamako

Departure : Ouagadougou

Accommodation in hotel, and camp

Arrival :  Lomé

Departure : Bamako

Accommodation in hotel, house and camp

Arrival :  Bamako

Departure : Dakar

Accommodation in hotel, house and camp

Price per person based on 2 people

714 $ or 460 £

Price per person based on 5 people

1486 $ or 958 £

Price per person based on 2 people

1543 $ or 995 £

Price per person based on 5 people

2204 $ or 1422 £

Price per person based on 5 people

2768 $ or 1785 £

 Africa by  HOGON Tours

Mohamed Ag

Touareg  Guide

specialist in desert regions and sub-desert

Mohamed knows the wealth of Azawad,

these vast regions of 2 / 3 North of Mali, with the city of Timbuktu. Follow him in safety and let you capture

If our priority is to ensure you a memorable trip and therefore safe, in geographic areas without risk, we have a great control of all territories of West Africa which enables us to offer tours including almost all Mali and most neighboring countries: Togo, Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal.

Here is a selection of trips we offer: 5 channels, for every taste.

Visit us to discover the full range or to arrange your own tour.

We also have group rates.

HOGON TOURS is a receptive tourism and travel in Mali - Hogon tours, travel agency in Bamako, travel experts in Mali and West Africa offers long or short circuits  

If you wish, you can discover the details of these trips, French language, by clicking here  8 or 11 days   and  12 or 15 days

We specialize in personalized travel and we can arrange your stay according to your request for a rate similar to that of a regular route.  Here is an example made ​​at the request of a Dutch couple.

To discover the various types of accommodation we offer, click here

To discover the various types of accommodation we offer, click here

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