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Whether a circuit around the sights in and off the beaten track for a breakthrough overall West Africa or a trip purely cultural, stay on a specific sector or for a large circuit, our team is at your disposal to build with you in great detail the journey offers the ideal harmony between the wishes, demands and opportunities of each (dates, seasons, desires, whether general or special, budget, physical condition ...).


Our experience and knowledge of tourist sites, hotels and places of accommodation, catering options allows us to rank our top selections in three levels of benefits and therefore prices.

We specialize in personalized travel and we can arrange your stay according to your request for a rate similar to that of a regular route. Here is an example made ​​at the request of a Dutch couple.

You love the benefits of high-level, fine hotels, and you want your trip to Africa is also a time of comfort!

We have the accommodation, transport and the level of restoration you want.

For a gift for your wedding, or just for fun, ask us benefits in the

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You think your trip as an opportunity to taste a little of everything. Why not a good hotel? Why not a night under the tent? Picnic one day make a good meal to another, depending on circumstances.

Eclectic, you like a bit of comfort but the adventure does not put you off. We have everything it takes to organize and offer services in the

range 'median'

Immersion closer to the land and people, camp life simple but intense, this is what you love, personal conviction or budget issues.

The camp, tracks, put their hands in the dough if necessary, none of this bothers you, quite the contrary.

We have the experience, so ask us benefits in the

range 'adventure'

HOGON TOURS is a receptive tourism and travel in Mali - Hogon tours, travel agency in Bamako, travel experts in Mali and West Africa offers long or short circuits  

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This 7-day trip you will discover the historic villages of Mali through our experienced guide.
From Bamako to Dogon country through the old village Sékoro to visit the ancient town of Djenné Biton Coulibaly then the next day, the twin city of Timbuktu with its famous mosque built by Sudanese homeland.
This same program will take you two days to visit the Dogon, who are the few people keeping their cosmogony decades.
The tour will take you back to Mopti Mali Venice and its river port and workshop dugout factory then the next day you take the direction of Bamako by spending a night in solidarity with the center's garden paradise.
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DAY 1: Bamako-Ségou, April 1, 2011
Breakfast and departure 8.30 for Ségou
Stop to visit the hall Sékoro royal tomb and mosque of the mother of Biton Coulibaly, then walk in beauty on the banks of the River Niger or you take beautiful photos of mango and fishermen.
Installation and lunch at hotel and visit the center Ndomo in the evening and make the city.
Dinner at restaurant Cora Hotel and overnight at the hotel Esplanade

DAY 2: Ségou-Djenné, April 2, 2011
Departure to Djenné after breakfast,
Arrival and transfer to hotel for lunch Maafir,
city ​​tour in the evening: Tomb of Tapama Djenepo (virgin sacrificed to the prosperity of the city), the great mosque, the little market on Monday, a cooperative of women in Djenné and different architectures.
Dinner at a restaurant and overnight at the hotel Maafir

DAY 3: Djenné, Dogon Country Sangha, April 3, 2011
Breakfast and departure for Sangha
Stop Songho to visit the cave paintings in the place of circumcision,
Continue to Sangha then stop in for lunch at Bandiagara Fanta.
Arrive Sangha then transfer to hotel in Beaver Hama and visit the village in the evening (the great favourite, the tunnel then the table fox)
Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Castor

DAY 4: Sangha- Dogon Country -Endé, April 4, 2011
Breakfast and departure for the Bandiagara escarpment,
Stop in the villages of Ireli, Amani Tireli to visit and talk with the old installed under the box or Toguna palaver.
Visit the sacred crocodiles of Amani and the box to the rule of women and their place in Tireli dance masks.
Lunch at the camp then continue to Endé, the craft village par excellence.
Arrival and installation at Camp Ali in the evening and visit the village market, the former home of Telem.
Dinner and overnight at the camp Aly

Day 5: Endé-Niongono-Mopti-Sevaré, April 5, 2011
Breakfast and departure to Mopti
If possible, you'll go through Niongono to visit this beautiful village located on the caves then on to Mopti in beauty.
Stop in for lunch in the bush picnic and continuation, arrival and visit the river port, the workshop dugout factory, market and mosque Komoguele Sevaré and return in early evening.
Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Via-Via

DAY 6: Sevaré-Teriyabougou, April 6, 2011
Breakfast and departure for Teriyabougou,
Teriyabougou is a small town from tourism solidarity, born of the friendship between a white and a Bozo fisherman for years.
The center became a place of relaxation installed along the Niger; you will find pleasure with the visit of the zoo, the center of biogas, the school and the clinic.
Dinner and overnight at the box of friendship

DAY 7: Teriyabougou-Bamako, April 7, 2011
Departure to Bamako after breakfast,
Arrival and transfer to hotel Tamana, lunch at the Bistro restaurant at Ibrahim
City tour in the evening, the big market and craft market, point of view Koulouba.
Back at the hotel then transfer to the airport after dinner at the bistro at Ibrahim.

Departure of Mali.

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Accommodation in double rooms,
Restoring full board
All tourist taxes,

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Personal expenses,

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The hotels listed in the program may be subject to change based on availability.
In case of change of the hotel would be replaced by another hotel in the same category.
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