Secrets of Africa
Hogon Tours

Qui peut vous faire découvrir l’Afrique de l’Ouest mieux que ceux qui y vivent


Let me tell you the  SECRETS OF AFRICA  I’d find you

HOGON TOURS is a receptive tourism and travel in Mali - Hogon tours, travel agency in Bamako, travel experts in Mali and West Africa offers long or short circuits  

At home, the villages remained pure, with traditions. Many people have never even seen a white man.

Consider my background is very important, since doing I quickly realized that many areas of West Africa remain the true SECRETS OF AFRICA mysterious and magical land that only those who know them were born and may to acquaint tourists wishing to dive into the true African spirit.

I am proud to create Hogon tours, because for me the way to promote these forgotten sites for tourism.

I develop tourism between the different cultures, Senufo, Samako ... through villages perched  in dense vegetation favoravle to eco-tourism

Everyone wants to see Timbuktu, Dogon Country,

Djenne! I can also reveal the as you wish, these

 Are unforgettable lands of rare beauty. But I am  

Samogo, which means 'man of the earth'.

We're growers and the people of Mali Samako I

belong  to a civilization  is the story fabuleusee,

remained in its natural state and this is Africa, few

people can make you discover.

I was born in the Sikasso region in the small village

of Bananso, a few kilometers from Burkina Faso

 and Côte d'Ivoire, bordering south-eastern Mali.

An avid traveler, I am facing the Graduate Institute of Management to study tourism development. This is purely cultural in Mali, I am uncomfortable

when I see how my area is still unknown.